Azha Pasa Pvt. Ltd. is a registered company under the Companies Act Of Kingdom Of Bhutan 2020, holding the trade license number R1011338. 


To Become The Buddha Of Business; Earn Karmic Profit Out Of Mindful Deeds


To create a one stop marketplace, online and offline, for both buyers and sellers. Where a customer is celebrated with respect, convenience and fair price. Where sellers share a space and do not need to rent a shop, employ a sales team or market their goods. Where customer experience, team wellbeing, business relationship and social responsibility are valued.

Core Values (In Line With The Buddha's Eight Fold Path)

1. Clarity (Right Understanding) - Commit to fostering a culture of open knowledge sharing, ensuring that both customers and team members are well-informed and equipped to make wise decisions, so as to empower our community to choose wisely and act responsibly
2. Purpose (Right Intent) - Drive every business decision with the intent to create positive impacts on the environment and society, while providing services that help users and team members engage in meaningful activities that enhance their lives.
3. Integrity (Right Speech) - Uphold honest and ethical communication, crucial for building trust and fostering a reliable environment where team members thrive and customers feel secure. Build a solid foundation of trust from both the team and customers alike. 
4. Responsibility (Right Action) - Emphasize responsible actions that consider environmental impacts and create a supportive workplace, enabling team members to achieve their potential and customers to make environmentally conscious choices.
5. Fairness (Right Livelihood) - Ensure fair treatment of all stakeholders, promoting an inclusive work environment that supports diversity and equality, and fair trade practices that consider the welfare of all community members involved.
6. Diligence (Right Effort) - Commit to continuous improvement and innovation in business processes and personal development, ensuring that both team members grow and customers receive cutting-edge, time-saving solutions.
7. Awareness (Right Mindfulness) - Maintain a conscious awareness of our actions’ impact on the environment, our team, and our community, striving to offer products and services that truly enhance the quality of life: promote mindful deeds. 
8. Focus (Right Concentration) - Dedicate efforts towards achieving long-term sustainability goals and personal and professional growth for team members, aligning with Azha Pasa's vision of empowering both team and customer's life. 

"I was frustrated with over priced goods and poor customer service. Azha Pasa was born out of this frustration and we therefore aspire to offer our customers with fair pricing and five star customer service so that people can save on time and money, and enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with traffic congestions, parking tickets and the ‘take it or leave it’ attitude" - Kinley Wangchuk (Ganchu), Founder. 

Azha Pasa did not start off as an e-commerce platform. It first got incepted when Ganchu (Kinley Wangchuk) launched a mobile app 'Azha Pasa' to solve his personal frustrations of having to go drop household waste to a waste collection site; the garbage truck back then would hardly ever show up. Through the mobile app, a user could make a request for someone to come pickup up the garbage and dispose it off for an agreed fee. The app was intended as a solution for those who were also facing the same kind of garbage related problem, while also aspiring generate income opportunity for those interested in providing the garbage pickup service. Azha Pasa, the first mobile app was launched on 7th August 2019 with Garbage pickup and LPG delivery service. 

During the first nationwide lockdown in Bhutan, people in Thimphu did not have access to fresh vegetables and farmers could not get their farm goods to the market. We reached out to the farmers near by Thimphu, picked up the farm goods, got it sorted out and delivered fresh vegetates to almost 1500 homes in about 15 days of lockdown. Even though the 15 days were the most stressful, it was also this experience that inspired us to venture into e-commerce on a bigger scale - that Azha Paaa, as an online platfrom can contribute so much to the society and at the same time, be able to create job opportunities. 

We pledge to follow our heart, to be true and mindful of our values and our purpose and be 'the way forward' - to solving everyday problems in the lives of Bhutanese people. We aspire to create a sustainable and an efficient ecosystem for Bhutan's future generations.

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