Pumpkin 60M Shimmer with Long Distance Meter + Laser Wheel LDM-60RL | 11124

Nu. 11,950


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Product Description

1. Measure distance, measure angles, degrees. (Use a tape measure)
2. Area measuring wheel (Using the type of measuring wheel or round, cylindrical material)
3. Laser marking the level line (use water level type)

working period 0.2-60 m.
Laser type           Class 2 / 630-670 nm.
precision / measuring wheel       +/- 2.0mm.@10m. / 5%
can connect to bluetooth             Able to connect USB-C to transmit data.
Able to measure angles, degrees             Built-in laser leveling
There is a hole for the camera tripod, 1/4 threaded.        Color screen, large text on screen, easy to read

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