PUMPKIN Pruning Saw 10 inches, 3 sharp teeth, hardened, model PTT-PS10S (33323)

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Product Description

It is a saw designed to make the teeth into a “pull tooth” shape, an innovation from
Japan for professionals and easy to use in general Made from SK5 grade steel
with Japanese automatic machines Therefore, the teeth are equal and standard.
By sharpening teeth on 3 sides and hardened at the tip of the teeth increase the efficiency of cutting and
Make the workpiece surface fine, smooth, beautiful, sawing of "pull saw"
Stop the problem of stuttering and warped saw blades. old tooth saw
slowly Or sawing the toothed cleaver of a pluz saw will eat the meat of the workpiece.
while pulling the saw back in and pushing or remove any small debris
while pushing the saw forward Make the work of cutting branches, gardening or other sawing work.
various repairs your convenience and speed More beautiful and easier
Can cut all types of wood such as pared, fresh wood, dry wood, plywood, timber,
bamboo, wood furniture or various plastics such as ABS & PVC etc.
Plastic handles are lightweight, easy to clean and fit into the toolbox.
Easy to carry outside
- Blade size 10 inches, teeth 9 TPI
- Weight 110 grams

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